Types of Drug Crimes

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Types of Drug Crimes in Chicago, Illinois

Drug crimes are not treated lightly in Chicago, Ilinois. If the accused is proven guilty, the punishment can often be harsh depending on the type of crime and sentencing laws. Drug crimes are categorized based on three major factors – type of crime, type of drug in possession, and the quantity of drugs involved in the crime.

Drug offenses:

Possession: Possession is the case where you are found with drugs on your body, in your luggage or your house. This is one of the least serious crimes, but the sentence depends on the quantity of drugs found with you.

For example, if you are found with only 2.5 gm of marijuana, you might be given 30 days imprisonment or penalty of $1500 because the crime is classified under Class 3 misdemeanor. If you are found with 5000 gm or more of the drug, you either have to pay $25, 000 along with four years of imprisonment. Depending on the quantity, you might be given 15 years in prison as well.

Sales: You are caught selling drugs. Here, it is important to note that a person cannot be held guilty of drug crime if he is merely negotiating a deal. There has to be evidence of sale in order to be arrested.

Distribution: Distribution is similar to sales but might not involve contact with the end user. The accused might be running a drug racket of distributing drugs to sellers or deals of an entire region.

Trafficking: Drug trafficking is also a major offense. In drug trafficking, a person peddles drugs between two sellers, distributers or any two parties involved in the drug deal. The person gets paid for transporting drugs from one place to another.

Manufacturing: Drug manufacturing entails the highest punishment. It is considered to be a felony and can entail long years of imprisonment.

Prescription fraud: Prescription frauds can be of different types. For example, a person might visit different doctors in order to collect prescriptions for narcotics. Since certain substances are not available without prescription, some people resort to this sort of fraud.

Additionally, prescription fraud also includes forging prescriptions on doctor’s pads or by using computer, impersonating doctors or medical staff to order prescription drugs, and changing the amount of drug mentioned in the prescription.

The sentence depends on the type of crime. However, legal sentence might just be one side of the repercussions you experience. If you are convicted in a drug crime, your life becomes difficult because you find it almost impossible to find employment, insurance and loans. You might also be barred from receiving government funding. In fact, you are ineligible for jobs such as nursing and defense services.

In order to avoid such repercussions, you need a drug crime lawyer who can help provide you with the strongest defense possible.

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