Assault & Aggravated Assault Attorneys

Criminal charges such as assault, battery and domestic violence are prosecuted heavily in Illinois. With your freedoms and liberties on the line, you cannot afford to be defended by an inexperienced lawyer. At Acosta Law Group, we have more than 40 years of combined experience defending people charged with crimes. Our firm serves the Chicago land area, and we have a proven track record in criminal defense. You deserve the best possible representation, and we will strive to reach the best outcome.

Defense For Assault And Aggravated Assault Charges

In Illinois, a person can be charged with assault without causing physical harm to another person. For example, if the other person feels threatened or is under attack during an escalated conversation, you could end up facing assault charges. Aggravated assault (assault with a deadly weapon or weapon that could cause deadly harm) charges are serious in Illinois, which could result in felony offenses.

At Acosta Law Group, we have handled many different types of complicated criminal cases throughout the Chicagoland area. We have been successful in defending people facing assault/aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges, and are skilled trial lawyers. Having the level of trial experience that our attorneys have will undoubtedly come as an advantage to your case.

Attorneys For Domestic Violence Cases

Our defense attorneys understand the nature of domestic violence cases and have been successful in representing people throughout the Chicago land area facing domestic battery and domestic assault charges up to attempted murder. We will protect your rights and work to minimize the negative impact of a charge on you and your family.

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