Chicago Murder Defense Attorneys

If you have been arrested on murder charges, choosing the right attorney to protect your rights is critical. The attorney you choose will likely have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Given the high visibility and emotionally high-charged nature of murder cases, prosecutors are likely to be very aggressive in such cases. The state has considerable resources at its disposal and will use its top attorneys to prosecute your case. Given the length of sentence you could face if convicted of murder, receiving the best defense possible is imperative.

Protect Your Rights

For the strong defense you need, contact the Acosta Law Group. We defend clients charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and other high-level violent crimes charges. We offer a team of highly skilled trial lawyers who are prepared to handle any criminal case, no matter how complex.

We have often taken tough cases where others thought we had no chance of prevailing. We have a strong record of results, even in cases that may have seemed hopeless to others. Our attorneys bring to each case a confidence — gained from past success — that they can make a positive difference for the client they serve.

Our Meticulous Approach

From the start of each case, we prepare meticulously for the possibility of trial. We carefully investigate the facts of each case to find holes in the prosecution’s case and identify defenses that may be used to our clients’ benefit.

We analyze police conduct to determine if any errors may be used to our clients’ advantages. As experienced defense lawyers, we have considerable experience in suppression motions and other strategic defense measures that may be used to make a positive difference in your case. We have access to expert witnesses that may challenge DNA evidence, ballistics evidence and other key evidence presented by the prosecution. We have the legal sophistication and determined resolve to provide the strong advocacy you require.

Our Commitment

When you hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you against murder charges, you are placing your life in his or her hands. You need an attorney who will make painstaking efforts to protect your liberty.

We understand that the work we do will have a profound impact on you and your family. Our attorneys take their role as defense attorneys very seriously. When we choose to take a case, it becomes our mission.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

To schedule a free consultation with a murder defense lawyer at one of our local offices, call (773) 521-3300, (708) 788-9900 or contact us by email.