Manslaughter Defense Lawyers

Violent crimes can be punishable by mandatory prison time, fines and other serious consequences. You need to have a skilled defense attorney working on your team to protect your rights. The lawyers at Acosta Law Group are committed to providing those facing criminal charges in Illinois assertive, direct and straightforward legal advice. We believe that every person deserves a strong defense and pledge to stand by your side, regardless of the level of complexity of your case.

Experienced Trial Advocates Representing Your Interests

Cases involving charges such as murder, attempted murder and manslaughter are often complex on many different levels. The outcome of the case can depend on your lawyer’s ability to investigate every detail of the situation, interpret witness statements and attack the credibility of police statement.

When we handle cases involving violence crimes and serious felony offenses, we hit the ground running. Thorough preparation, comprehensive investigations and the strategic planning of a strong defense are the most important steps we take in effectively representing our clients. You can trust our experience and proven track record.

No Case Is Too Complex

At Acosta Law Group, no case is too complex for our trial lawyers. We are proud to say that we have tried hundreds of cases and that we have a successful track record in the courtroom. Our lawyers have represented people facing a wide range of serious offenses, including murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, arson cases and more.

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