Illegal Possession of a Firearm in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, the unlawful possession of a firearm by a gang member is a Class 2 felony that carries a term of imprisonment of no less than 3 years and no more than 10 years. Depending on the circumstances, such as whether the firearm was loaded and whether that firearm was used in the commission of a crime, the penalties could be even more severe.

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A person may be charged with possession of a firearm by a gang member if he or she has not been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, is a member of a street gang and:

  • He or she possesses, carries or conceals a firearm and firearm ammunition while any place except inside his or her home or his or her fixed place of business


  • He or she possesses or carries in any vehicle a firearm or firearm ammunition, which are both immediately accessible at the time of the offense, while on any road or other place, except inside his or her own home or garage

Any person convicted of a criminal offense involving the possession or discharge of a firearm may face severe sentencing enhancements as a result, so it is critical that you have a skilled defense attorney in your corner if you are facing such charges.

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