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Were you unlawfully arrested, or wrongfully convicted? At Acosta Law Group, we stand up for the constitutional rights of individuals who have been wrongfully or unlawfully arrested. With more than 40 years of combined criminal defense experience, we have the knowledge, the skill and the resources to help you with every aspect of your case.

Were You Detained Unlawfully?

An unlawful arrest can happen with or without police involvement. If you were detained without probable cause, you may have a claim for unlawful arrest. This includes not only situations where a police officer places you under arrest for a crime, but also situations where a security officer, store manager or any other individual detains you.

Additionally, detainment does not require that you be placed in a cell or locked room. When an individual makes you believe that you are not allowed to leave, you are unlawfully detained.

For example, if a teenager is accused of shoplifting, a manager may try to detain the teenager until the police can arrive. The manager may do this through threats or by standing threateningly between the teenager and the door. The teenager may not feel that he or she is allowed to leave. If the manager did not have probable cause to hold the teenager, then it would be an unlawful arrest.

Our Chicago unlawful arrest lawyers understand how demeaning and embarrassing an unlawful arrest can be. We can help you enforce your rights and bring a claim against the individual or establishment that unlawfully detained you.

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