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If you have been charged with domestic battery, do not take your charges lightly. All too often, people who have been accused of domestic violence do not understand how the criminal justice system works.

If you have been charged with domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery, you must understand key issues that may impact your case:

  • The prosecution is not required to drop your charges simply because your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend wants your charges to be dropped.
  • The prosecution may issue a subpoena to cause the alleged victim to appear at court and offer testimony.
  • A conviction means that you have a criminal record, which could cost you your job or adversely impact your future employment opportunities.
  • Possible criminal penalties for a domestic battery conviction include jail time, court-ordered anger management treatment, probation, court fines and other serious penalties.
  • In addition to receiving jail time and other criminal penalties, you may potentially be subject to adverse collateral consequences you have not considered. If you have children, your conviction could be used against you in divorce and custody proceedings. If you are an immigrant, a conviction for domestic violence could adversely impact your immigration status. Depending on the nature of your charges, you could even lose your right to own a firearm.

We understand that domestic violence allegations may be completely fabricated in an attempt to gain an upper hand in divorce or custody proceedings. We also understand that people are sometimes arrested after relatively minor domestic disputes. It is critical to understand that people can and do get convicted under highly questionable circumstances, so the attorney you choose is important.

Our attorneys are aggressive and driven for results. If retained as your defense counsel, we will carefully review the facts of your case, identify ways to challenge prosecution’s case and work diligently to seek the best possible outcome for you. We will look for ways to get your charges dismissed if possible and keep the lines of communication open with the prosecution to determine if a favorable resolution can be reached on your behalf. If the best way to protect your rights is to fight your charges at trial, we will be thoroughly prepared to do so. Our firm offers a team of skilled trial lawyers who are confident and comfortable in the courtroom.

We help people and families with violent crimes and charges including all serious crimes such as kidnapping and murder.

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